Friday, December 4, 2015

To end the confusion,

Lord Jesus,

In the very end, every knee shall bow down to You.  I believe that if Santa were real, then it would include him as well.  Lately, I find myself questioning and being interested in how I should celebrate Christmas if at all.  Should I even bother to celebrate it because of its pagan origins?  Does it even matter?  There is no Christmas in the Bible, but Your Birth is.  I get that there is no comparison, but if it is a pagan celebration then how did Christmas become a holy day observed by Christians everywhere, including myself.  If I am not supposed to celebrate it, then how should I bide my time on that day?  How should I be a witness to others on this time of the year?  How did a day that has so many pagan origins become Christianized I guess?  Have I been deceived?  How and when should I truly commemorate Your life. death, and resurrection?  By the way, when exactly were You born out of curiosity?  I am thankful that You answer prayer.  I give You thinks, O Holy One, in Your name,

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