Saturday, December 26, 2015

NBC Production of "The Sound of Music"

I am watching the NBC version of "The Sound of Music".  This is the second or third time I have seen this particular production.  Carrie Underwood is okay considering she isn't an actress by "trade". She is a singer, and her talent shines in that area.  The criticism that she received was quite unfair. She wasn't horrible at all.  In fact, I find her acting believable considering she is the lead in a major, major live production.  Yes, I love the 1965 movie better.  I believe that Julie Andrews was far more experienced when she took on the role as Maria, which was helpful.  NBC took on a huge challenge, that is for sure, but it isn't horrible.  If I were to remake "The Sound of Music", it would be difficult to pull it off considering a fickle reaction of an audience who will never forget the ups and of course, the downs, or rather the pitfalls and the epic fails.  Those will never be forgotten.  Anyways, I could watch this production over and over again.  I do believe it wasn't based on the movie, but on the play. The only thing missing is the chemistry between some of the actors.  It was as if while they were on the same stage, there was something missing.  I would recommend watching it again, however above average; I would give it a 7/10.
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