Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Expressing oneself and prayer

There are times when I write posts or rather "take break" posts.  Yesterday was one of those times I admit.  Those are the times when I wasn't sure what to say.  Those are also the times I didn't know what to express either.  Expressing oneself can be cathartic.  However, not being able to express myself can be, and is, quite frustrating.  So, I have a lot on my mind today.  I often forget to do what I am supposed to do, so I ask God for reminders.  I realize that a lot of my thoughts happen because of what I expose myself to.  It is a good feeling actually to be convicted.  There are those times when I confess to doubting my salvation.  I wonder that is what it means to work out our salvation with fear and with trembling.  Salvation isn't about just saying one prayer and moving forward without any growth.  Salvation is sanctification, daily repentance, as well as prayer.  Prayer is deep, respectful, and honest communication with our Lord.  I have learned that with prayer, one has to pray in thanksgiving and with a pure motive.  I admit that I have not always done so.  That is something I repented of.  Those are the things that I have learned today.
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