Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reflection on singing, skills, and service

Sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself on these blogs.  However, it seems I find a way to do so.  Forever, I am watching a tribute to Frank Sinatra (RIP).  He would have been 100 years old this year.  I missed much of the show, but what I have seen was really good.  Right now, I am listening to Bono, who is quite good.  I don't listen to much U2, but apparently they have longevity on their side, so they must be doing something right.  Is it safe to call U2 legends since I remember them from way back?  I think it was from over 20 years ago when I first heard of them.   Anyway, it is great to see such talent perform quality, wholesome music.

I wish I could sing like them.  I can sing a little bit but I have no experience.  I can sing a few octaves but not like Whitney (RIP) or Mariah Carey.  I have a rather deep voice but I can interpret and sing some high notes as well.  All I need is some training.  I wonder what it is like to have the experience of an opera singer especially. I bet it took many years of training without losing one's voice.  I would be shy to perform on stage, but it seems that the most experienced singers don't have stage fright.  They seem confident performing on stage and sharing their talents with the world.  If only I had the opportunity to share that skill or any other skill for that matter.

I admire people who could share that talent and be of service to others no matter their skill is.  I would like to know that for myself.  I have often wondered who I truly am, am I a good discerner of right and wrong, and my calling and purpose are.  Am I suppose to be a talented musician or a writer or a baker?  I have prayed about and I have tried for years what I was supposed to be "when I grow up".  I seemed to have tried so much only for me to fall on my face. I have not had a lot going for me, or so it seems.  I look back, but maybe I shouldn't. I have much to accomplish it seems but I wonder if  it is too late, considering my age.  I cannot begin as a cheerleader, but I have no idea or experience to begin.  I just no idea and that is the problem and being used by God is the ultimate goal.
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