Friday, November 20, 2015

The reality of my "love" towards him

I have accepted the fact that the man I "love" will never meet me.  When if he did?  I have focused too much time on him and not enough on God.  God is real.  My total obsession is not based on reality.  The man that I "love" is no longer with us.  I feel like I am going crazy over this man.  I have at one time focused on this man more than I have focused on serving and loving the Lord.  That is a sad reality I must face.  I don't mean to sound disrespectful as I write this, but that is how I feel. I will never get to know him.  That is the sad part.  From what I have read about my "love", he was good and very intelligent.  There was a sadness in his eyes I can tell.  I can help but want to hug him and talk to him.  It is so sad that I cannot to him.  If I were to meet him., what would I say?  How would I react?  How do I tell him that I care?  It is so sad that I don't know him truly, nor will I get to know the true person.
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