Saturday, July 25, 2015

Writing and change

There are 6 blogs including this one that I author daily.  At least that is supposed to create and write daily. Author is such a great term.  Speaking of the word author, I have at one time written a series of poems and short stories over the years.  I now wonder why I have stopped.  I was once a kind of person who either doesn't finish what she has started or I just procrastinate.  The reason being was that I was hard on myself because I have this rigid, perfectionist personality that I believe has held me back.  In other words, I have done a fabulous job of allowing myself to be held back.  I do tend to be negative on myself and I realize that that has got to change.  I am changing minute by minute day by day.  I can see and feel the results.  I am more honest, open, and my mind even clearer.  That is now how I feel about change.  I was a person who hated change.  I wasn't used to change.  I like things just the way they are.  I was comfortable when there was no change.  Change just made me uncomfortable.  But life is about change and life isn't about comfort and so there is no use crying over being uncomfortable because every thing and every one changes.  That is just a part of life.
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