Friday, July 24, 2015

Reflecting about myself

I love posting videos up on my blog.  They are my way of taking a break.  Plus, I have nothing to reflect at the moment.  I only have a number of blogs to write daily.  I believe that my reflections are often about my life.  I have just written about my weight journey.  I have just started my weight journey and for the past month, I have lost seven pounds.  I do feel good about my weight loss but I realize that I need to change my mindset on the whole weight loss thing.  I also need to change my mindset in every detail of my life.  Often do I muse about weight loss, music, and my weight.  When was the last time I muse how my day has been? Dating? Friends? Life in general?  I am saddened that there is more to life, my life, than just music, my health, and my worries.  I really don't have as many worries as I thought come to think of it.  I realize that my mindset need to be "turned around".  I need to be optimistic and that now I can take action.
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