Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Black is beautiful; well set makeup

Though generally I don't wear makeup, I believe that makeup can enhance a person's natural beauty.  So I have been told that.  Makeup adds a burst of color to one's natural "palette".  I love makeup and I wish I use it more.  I had to throw away some makeup lately in order to purchase some new ones.  It would be a big waste of money if I don't use it.  There is nothing more than a woman, or rather, a black woman whose makeup is well put together.  I didn't mean that to be racist however.  I am a black woman and I see the beauty in all people, but with us, there is a special kind of beauty.  It is hard to describe.  I have heard this before, "Nothing beats a pretty black child."  It wasn't meant to be racist in any way, shape, or form.  The person who mentioned that was not being a racist, nor is she a racist.  She was just making the point about black beauty.  We live in a nation or rather world where black women are not praised or respected.  In fact, there are some narrow-minded people who think that all black people are unattractive if not, ugly.  That is why I posted these pictures above.  To me, there is just nothing like a black woman whose makeup is well set and who is well put altogether.  I recall going to a predominately black university where one can see all complexions of black people.  It was just a beautiful site to behold.  It is amazing how such diversity can and is a beautiful thing.

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