Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sage Stallone

This is Sage Stallone.  Sadly, this was the late Sage Stallone.  He was a young man when he passed away.  He would have been 39 had he lived.  He was so good looking.  I wish I knew more about him.  He was a good actor in the movies I have seen him in.  I had a major crush on him, and even now I still do.  I am typing this at the risk of sounding crazy.  I just wish I could have accepted it sooner.  I am obsessed with everything dealing with Sage Stallone.  Sadly, I will never get to meet him.  I don't even know what kind of person he was.  I am saddened that he is gone.  I was surprised when I found out about his death.  I only knew him as the kid from "Rocky V".  He was such a cute kid who grew up to be a fine looking guy.  I only wish I could watch "Vic", the short film he created.  I even look at pictures of Sage.  I was afraid to even admit this because I will never get to meet him or know him.  Looking at his grave was quite sobering.  I cannot imagine what his family is going through.  It is just so sad.  He seemed to be such a beautiful young man.

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