Monday, July 20, 2015

ALL Black is Beautiful.

I remember when I was a kid, I was teased because I wasn't thin, athletic, and had a big nose and mouth.  It was endless but it was still cruel.  The fact that we have colorism and "featurism" is bad enough.  Featurism means that people a person by their features such as the wide nose, the big lips, and the high cheek bones. These are "typical" features of many black people in the US and around the world.  In a world where lighter skin and slimmer noses are considered more beautiful, it seems hard to compete if a black person has darker skin or a wide nose, or bigger lips.  A person with darker skin, or a bigger nose, or bigger lips are often featured negatively or not at all in mass media.  I also noticed that in the novelas that dark skinned characters are almost never leads, are stereotyped, or never shown at all.  It is ask if they rarely exists except in certain levels of society.  There is obvious colorism in both the Black American "community" and in Latin America, where many of the rich and leads in novelas have lighter skin.  Meanwhile many of the representatives of black beauty are often mixed-race, or have slimmer noses and lighter skin.  Many of these representatives of beauty in the black community in the US are rarely featured in modeling ads, music videos, or in most American tv shows.  For every representation of India Arie and Viola Davis, there are many more representations of Halle Berry, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, or Rhianna in many tv shows, movies, or music videos.  I do wonder if ti is our fault or does the white man really have a hold on us.  Or is it that slavery is just is a reason, but not the main reason that colorism exists.  I am not sure as I am not a historian, but one thing is for sure.  How can we call ourselves as black Americans "community" when we don't alway behave like a communal people?  How much is the white man responsible for our division?  Or is it that we have chosen to view people in a different light based on skin tone or features ourselves?  Why is it that we often judge white people for not accepting us when black people rarely accept ourselves?  Should they be held responsible for what their ancestors did or do we as black people become more self-reliant and realize that there are too many of us who hate themselves and allow ourselves and others to teach our kids the same thing?  Either way, ALL black is beautiful.

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