Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Black Lives do matter, but so does all life..

I totally agree.  Black lives do matter.  So does all life.  We seem to live in a culture of death.  I am here to write that black people have been treated horribly in the US.  Now having said this, there are people who do believe that the life of some matters more than the lives of others.  Why is it when a white person does something to a black person, there are charges that the person is racist and that they are just looking for a black person to kill, hence the black lives matter mantra?  Should I even say mantra?  Is the word mantra an insult in this?  I guess I should.  I guess I should not.  We live in a world where there are some evil, vile people who do discriminate and mistreat people because of race and color as well as class.  Now having said all that, how about the black lives in abortion clinics?  How about the black lives who are gone because of at the hands of other black people? Where is the mainstream media narrative there?  There was a play called "Our Young Black Men are Dying and No One Seems to Care"?  Why does it seem that it isn't just one or other groups who don't seem to care, it is so many black people as well?  Why do we allow things like this to happen to ourselves and each other?  I am not sure we should use that phrase unless we do something about it for ourselves and our communities.
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