Monday, May 18, 2015

Socialization---going outside the box

Who am I?  That is a question that I have wondered for decades now.  I was the kid who never truly knew what she wanted when she was growing up.  I was also the kid who wasn't sure what her favorite color was. I realize that I meshed well with older people than those of my age.  I could relate to them better.  I did have friends my age, but I felt that I could talk to adults about what we would talk about.  I realize that I had no idea why.  I was the smart, yet overweight, weird kid at school.  I was hardly physically bullied but verbal bullying and being laughed at doesn't make things easier.  I didn't realize that I would remember this to this day.  I have gotten over that.  However, I haven't gotten over the fact that my socialization skills are lacking and have been for quite some time.  This week I was supposed to think outside the box.  So I guess I have to outline this one too.  Let me see.  Maybe I should take the parts of my life and use that as a guide, but how?

Think outside the box
           Reflection from the past
                Could relate better with adults than with children my age
                      Where could I find people my age to learn to relate to?
                             I have had those issues since I was in my 20's.
                                   I haven't had many friends outside of the internet to converse or interact with.
                                          What should I do?  How do I begin to go outside the box?
           Going outside the box
                  Where can I start?
                          Who do I start with?
                                 What do people my age do?
                                         Ironically, I can only relate to people younger than 30.
                                              Do I want to have kids, even at my age?
                                                    That would mean I have to get married, but where would I meet my future husband.
                  Places where I can begin socializing
                             Local churches
                                  Modes of contact
                                                           Forums and Message Boards
                        News Feeds and Websites
                                 Medical staff
                                       Doctors and Nurses
                                       Cafeteria Workers
                                       Maintenance Workers
                                  Physical Therapists
                                  Local Gym
                        Place of work
                              Grocery and other odd jobs
                        Meeting with others
                                         Dating sites
                                    Wanted ads
                                    Classified ads
                        Support system even if limited...
                                 Group therapy
                                 Weight loss coach or meetings
                                  Counselors or therapists
                                  Physical therapist
                                  Facebook friends
                                  Odd jobs
                                  Helping the elderly
                                  Yard Work
                                  Small Talk
                          Live and other events and venues
                                   Sporting events
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