Sunday, May 31, 2015

An issue of weight and health

It is time I think outside the box...again.  That is one way, if not, the only way I could lose weight.  I am over 100 pounds overweight and I am diabetic.  It is past time that I do such before I get even sicker, despite what the doctor says.  I wish I were the 100% picture of health.  I look like that before pictures in the infomercials.  I am inspired by those infomercials, yet I don't like all of the messages they present.  I am fat.  I get it.  I don't always see a fat person as a before picture and not all after pictures are going to look the same.  I am not writing against the benefits of health and the risks of being overweight, but the message it sends is that unless one looks a certain way, he or she should lose weight to be attractive, happy, and have a high self-esteem.  It is as if automatically a fat person is not and cannot be attractive, happy, or have high self-esteem.  I have self-esteem issues, that is true.  However, I always had self-esteem issues, even when I was smaller.  However, I understand the before and after commercials.

 There is obesity and with obesity and being underweight come health risks.  Risk implies that it could happen. It doesn't imply that it will happen. There is a slight difference.  Food doesn't love me back for instance.  I overate which is part of the reason why I gained so much weight.  My overeating was risky but there was a chance that it caused the diabetes.  True, but there is problem.  There are so many reasons why a person gets fat which doesn't include laziness.  Am I a fat acceptance activist?  Truthfully I don't consider myself an activist at all.  I believe that those who are obese have a greater health risk, yet there are people who do take this war in the wrong direction and that is what worries me.  The war on obesity is about health and fitness which contribute to overall well-being.

A fat person can work, and do other things.  I hate it when there are people out there who say they are too fat to do something and are so selfish.  They have no excuse.  There are people who are obese that they actually have a long list of health issues and they do wish to lose weight.  There are fat people who work and are good role models and are people of good moral character and they are not lazy or selfish.  Fat people are like everyone else and other people who make fun of and laugh at fat people should be ashamed.  I don't understand why someone would find it funny to make fun of someone who weighs 700 lbs.  It is sad and it is stupid.  Well, I hopefully didn't contradict myself, but I guess that is just how I feel.  My point of this is  I know that being an overweight diabetic is not healthy but it doesn't give others the right to hurt one's feelings because of their weight.
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