Thursday, May 14, 2015

A change of present and hopefully future plans

I need to be more creative.  I have been stuck in the same routines for many years.  I want to do something new and different.  I have tried that, but I have often failed.  I tried and wanted to, own a business.  I was hoping to make plans for a new cable network, but where would the funding be?  Then there are the investors, the advertisers, and the programming.  The problem with that one is that I had none of those. Those things did not work.  I have not worried about those things since, yet I am still the same person who has fallen behind.  I have come a long way, yet I have not been thankful.  I have not been thankful enough. All of my feelings have been based on what I and what the rest of the world would consider a lack of accomplishments.  I feel as if in the last decade, I have had nothing to show for it.  I am not a person who has succeeded in business, nor have I just moved on with my life.  I had hopes and dreams but they have never materialized or I have never pursued them.  Maybe it is time to start.  Does life really begin at 40?
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