Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ten Random Affirmations and things that I am grateful for

1.  I am alive.

2. I have a family who care for me.

3. I have a blog with which I can communicate with me everyday.

4. I am a woman who has many redeemable qualities as a person.

5. I have God in my life.

6. I love my hair.

7. I embrace my age.

8.  I live a life of possibilities

9.  I like to help people.

10. I respect the rights of others.


1. I have the grace of God.

2. I care about other people.

3. I am strong and no longer fearful.

4. I am truthful with myself and others.

5. I have a positive outlook on life.

6. I am humble.

7. I am talented.

8. I believe in justice and fairness for all.

9.  I have a Higher Power who guides me

10. I am worthy.
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