Friday, January 16, 2015

Emotions and wanting to end it all

I do feel like leaving this earth and not in a good way.  I often wish that what I see will soon be gone. In a good way means to look forward to Jesus' return for one day all of "this", what we see, will no longer exists.  In a bad way, it means that obviously there is something wrong with me.  I realize that my thoughts are really obsessive thoughts.  One day I will have to realize that and see what thoughts are to me.  The problem is they are only thoughts once I realize that they are only thoughts.  I realize that I take these thoughts too personality and get caught up in the world. I have spent much of my life stressed out because of my issues.  I am not sure how to deal with the stressors that I face daily. Anything can be a source of anxiety like my health and my appearance to emotions and my thoughts. I would like to not only see things positively but to not react so negatively to the thoughts I have.
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