Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Black and white thinking

I was given a few ideas today.  My mindset is something that I believe can change.  I have been through a lot of negative things and have written a lot of negative posts.  Thinking that the posts are admissions and ways of pouring my heart out, they were actually negative views that I have about myself.  I confess that a changed mindset involves loving, liking, and also respecting oneself.  I haven't liked or loved me in years.  Today is a day that I can and will change or at least begin to. I have a black and white thinking where things in the world where many see a world that has many shades of gray.  I have not treadled lightly at all because I did not realize that not every isn't a medium or balance.  A renewed mind requires balance and black and white thinking is the opposite of that.  I tend to see myself on the negative spectrum.  However, that is because I tend to see things positive ironically that I am and have been overwhelmed.  Low and slow are the ways to go.
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