Monday, January 26, 2015

Have race relation at least in the US, REALLY gotten worse?

Have race relations worsened under the Obama Administration or have they been exposed because a man of color is running the country? It seems to me like the concept of who or what is racist have changed so much that it has almost seem to lost its meaning. The racism is subtle where I am from, so there is some prejudice here. Yet most of the people tend to get along, at least when I was a student 20 years ago. I say this at the risk of showing my age. Needless to say that there has always been racism and will always remain until Jesus comes back.

I believe racism is a sin and a spiritual sin at that. There is so much hatred, prejudice, and bigotry in the church, which is ironic considering that some of the most racist, hate filled bigots are either "persons of color", religious, and other groups who have been "oppressed" or looked down upon by the larger society. I wonder why that is. Now, having said this, my question is, will true racism, bigotry, and prejudice all worsen before Jesus' return?

It seems like it and I believe that things will get even worse in the near future. Is it also a sign of the end times according to Matthew 24? I know at first I wrote about the current US President but I have noticed that people have either become more resentful (and not just about the economy) and divisive, but could it also be that what is going on is just exposing the racism, bigotry, and prejudice that is already alive and well? It also seems to be "talk of a race war" and the exclusion and name calling of others.

Respect of others seem to be lacking in all direction (and just a white on "minority" thing, but a black on white thing, etc). It is a sad state that many people of color blame the white man for the ills or blame blacks for all of the problems and that have made things worse. Also, how come much of the church doesn't preach on that? I guess I am sheltered but there are even churches who preach racial and ethnic supremacy. I have my own beliefs, but I wonder too why is it that within the US Church is there so much hatred among the races. I know of people who go to church and pray to God on Sunday, but they are more prejudiced or openly hate other groups Monday through Saturday. How come they don't seem to care that a religious unrepentant racist or bigot will not end up in Heaven when they die?

I know that I am someone who is concerned about this issue. I can and will not try to save a person as I don't have any power. However, I believe that because we live in world says that we should not judge but love the person, but hate their sin, we forget that even the true believers shall judge the angels. I am not saying that we should hate racists, bigots, or those who are prejudiced.

Many in the US church do not see that while there are historical reasons why this is so, they see no problems with the segregation of races. I believe a pastor who thinks we should love those and that God will judge their hearts. I believe that while it is well-meaning, it is unbiblical because God will judge people, but not in the way that many people will think. I believe that biblically God will judge whether one is truly repentant and obedient and saved, or whether it is the opposite. I don't think that God will just judge a person's heart. Even many unrepentant sinners have good hearts. But that all is my two cents. I know that this is a rather long rant, but this and other issues have me fired up. That is all.
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