Monday, August 18, 2014

Musing 2

"I have been purchasing new products for my hair.  I hope to receive them as soon as possible.  I even have a hair regimen that would be of great benefit for me.  I have hair that is curly and difficult to straighten.  I don't know why this is.  I straightened my hair twice in the past year and needless to say, I rather for my hair to stay curly."

I wrote the above yesterday because some of my products have been received.  They were in the mail this morning and it was exciting to pick up.  I purchased some cocoa butter to seal my ends and Jamaican black castor oil for moisturizing my hair.  It is thick and has its own distinct smell.  This is the first product that I purchased for my newly natural hair.  It definitely works and I recommend it highly.  I had issues that Jamaican castor oil solved like the need to grow out my edges and the fear that my hair would not grow as fast.  I was in a transitioning phase before I began to use the castor oil.  Needless to say, using Jamaican black castor oil on newly natural hair works.  I also used the cocoa butter today to seal my ends, but what it did was to soften my hair as well as seal those ends.  More merchandise should arrive soon.
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