Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 22 entry

I prayed to have the scenario and thought played out only for it not to come back.  Thought come and go only for them to come back.  I have come to realize that these thoughts rarely happen as played out so it causes me to worry less.  I had the thought or rather scenario of a man humiliate his wife by giving her divorce papers on her birthday.  His explanation is that she checked out of the marriage a long time ago so it is time he do the same.  Needless to say the thought is bothersome.  I don't like to see or hear about a man humiliating or harming a woman no matter what she did.  I don't like to hear about a woman cheating on a man, especially if he is good to her.  Then again, I don't have thoughts about the other gender doing the same things.  I realize that just because something is more acceptable to society doesn't mean it is right.  Man or woman, humiliating, harming, or cheating is wrong, period.  The thoughts change nothing or add value to my life, and they are insignificant.
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