Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Bullying is a sin, period.  I know that kids can be cruel and that is true.  It is a testament to the fact that no matter how young or "innocent" we are, we are flawed, falliable human beings.  Bullies are sinners to be stood up to and prayed for.  I know that Jesus talks about turning the other cheek and being slow to anger. Not once did He imply or say that we should be bullies or continue to be bullied.  I can for sure say that because I as a person have a breaking point just like everyone else.  I was bullied when I was younger.  It was a rough time for sure.  I was short, slightly overweight, made good grades, and rarely got into trouble.  In short, people thought of me as nerdy and weird.  I was a person who in the future would be predicted to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs because of my grades.  No word on whether or not either of those two were bullied though.  Being bullied made me a wise and strong person, though it doesn't seem to be that way at the time.

Being a victim of a bully is to a kid a living, waking nightmare.  Most kids want to fit in and be liked and respected.  I find out that being liked as a kid and being respected as an adult are quite important.  The human race is a communal race and in order to truly get to know a person, one has to meet them, talk to them, and learn how to develop relationships with others.  We will all find that some people are nicer than others and some are just plain bullies.  I am a person who should know what makes a bully tick, but I only have theories.  Why are some kids bullies?  Are they being bullied?  Do they bully others because they think or know they can get away with it?  How about their home lives?  The best way to deal with bullies I have learned is more than one-dimensional.  Some people only know of violence and using mean words.  Some people fight back with words and with fists.  Those who are bullied are often filled with fear and end up with low self-esteem.  Bullying is a serious issue and unfortunately there are people who will not change their bullying ways until karma knocks them down.  I am just writing about bullying because I was bullied as a kid and it hurts but at the same time, I know there are others who have been bullied as well.  I also wonder if every kid's situation is different.  That is what I mean about the solutions being more than one-dimensional.
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