Monday, April 21, 2014

State of the church here compared to those in other nations

It is so sad that in much of the church in the West, especially in the United States that so many are either being deceived by a false gospel, or just play church.  I feel that the games need to end.  Being ready for Jesus' return and being obedient are serious business.  Playing is for children and athletes.  Church members are called to be lights in a dark world.  Many are not doing that at all.  They are too busy wanting to be happy and to be entertained by great speaking.  Many false prophets have come unawares and are deceiving many.  This is a sign of the final hours, but so are anti-Jewish and anti-Christian attitudes.  Jews have and are being targets of many an anti-Semite.  Meanwhile, many believers are being persecuted in the world.  I tend to think about that often and I think it is so sad that this is going on while we in the West seem to be all but squandering our freedoms.  I as a sheltered American, cannot imagine what Christians in the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, and Asia are going through.  It must be so difficult for them.  I, as we all should, pray for those Christians who are being oppressed.  Pray for those of other faiths that they would be forgiven of being deceived.  Pray for the Jewish people that they may believe in the Messiah and that they would be protected from all harm. I am saddened and sometimes upset by what is going on in the Church world.  I would hate to waste my own life not being obedient to God and being a light to those who are in need, including other believers.  Being deceived, disobedient, and disloyal are a sad way to live.
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