Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My "list" of interests

I remember staying up every Tuesday night to watch this telenovela.  "Destinos" has become one of my favorites.  I am not terribly sure what it is about but I believe it is about a family who searches for a family member or something like that.  The truth is, I just love learning Spanish, yet conjugation is very difficult.

The truth of the matter is, I love to cook.  I even wanted to be a chef.  However, it would be hard to be a chef if I can barely boil an egg, even when I follow the instructions.  I don't like boiled eggs that are only soft. I like hard boiled eggs.  They have become a favorite snacks or breakfast food of mine.  I realize that with healthy eating comes more creative ways of cooking.

I do however spend time with trying to at least a do it yourself project.  In my case, it is always about spring cleaning and rearranging a room.  Maybe I could take a class in art or learning how to do things for myself.  It isn't as if there is really nothing to do.

 This video is about the African American quilting interest.  It is an interest in Africanisms, history, the arts, and about crocheting and quilting.  Africanisms are those "traces" of Black American culture that is traced or carried over from Africa.

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