Monday, August 24, 2015

Distraction is stressful, yet I realize I need to be thankful....

I find myself right now being distracted.  I have been distracted by the world and the cares of this life.  The Lord is my Center, not shall be or was.  He is my Center.  Yes, He is the Same God for all time, but I believe that focusing on the now is about not being mindful, but to be spiritually aware, in a Christian sense. I realize that mindfulness works for others, but is it Christian?  Is it in the Bible?  I have not been focusing on the Lord unless I am in need.  I take to time to say, "Thank You." to the Lord.  He gave His Son's life for us and rose Him from the dead.  That is thanks enough.  He died for our sins and He saved me and forgave me. I am just thankful.  I regret not always being so thankful.  I am not suffering, though it seems I am that way. Mental and physical illness are hard to deal with, but I survived and continue to survive.  I am still standing, no matter if my back is hurting, or not.  I have a hormonal condition that has helped me to see what is important concerning my health.  Also, I have prayed often to be cured of mental and emotional issues.  It is amazing that one person can go through all of it.  Yet still, I consider myself a blessed woman, and for that, I am grateful.  It can easy to be distracted, and I get distracted quite often because I often fail to realize or better yet, fail to see, that there is Something or Someone greater than all of my own health problems. I no longer have to hold on to the stress, for He is greater than those things.  For that, I say, "Thank You." again to the Lord.
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