Thursday, August 6, 2015

A flat stomach

I often complain about my flaws, foibles, and failures.  Maybe just maybe I should not complain so much.  It is true that I do not have a flat stomach, it shouldn't be this hard to achieve one.  As a matter of fact, I could use a little bit of motivation.  The last thing I want is something that would cause even greater health problems than I already have.  I know that if I could lose this belly then my health would improve.  I am self-conscious about my appearance.  However, I do wonder if anyone, regardless of their appearance, can be self-conscious.  I don't wish to appear this way because of my weight, but I do wonder if my heart really is in it. It is a silly thing to write, but I don't wish to lose the desire to lose the weight.  In fact, my goal is to keep it simple.  Losing weight and keeping it off should not be this hard, but it is.  I could use a little bit more motivation.
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