Saturday, April 25, 2015

Never too late to start

Today was a good day as "Ice Cube" raps.  I loved those words and I still do.  Well, today was really a good day.  To me, a good day is a day where I can define freedom from worry, fear, and doubt.  The troubles and cares of this life didn't overtake me.  This is real good because I tend to overwhelm myself quite easily.  I have taken the past hour reflecting on this past night with other blogs.  I tend to put myself too low. Sometimes I wonder if I make too many lofty goals or if I don't make them lofty enough.  I realize that specific and realistic are the way to go.  When it comes to weight loss so is low and slow.  I have realized that even the best laid plans fail and the easiest plans falter sometimes.  That is how it usually is with me.  I start things off well, then I falter.  Okay, then I quit.  I realize that the black and white thinking that I have has not served me well.  I do wonder though if there are really shades of grey.  I realize that while I don't believe in moral shades of grey, I realize that that may be the case with weight loss.  I also realize that I tend to excuse myself when or rather, procrastinate when it comes to this area as well.  I believe that it stems to having low self-esteem and the issues that I have faced.  Now at my age, it is never too late to start conquering those issues.
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