Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Based on today

Lately, I have been posting videos and poem because well, I had nothing to reflect on.  Today, I have something to reflect on.  I told the truth to God and everyone who would listen.  I am glad to have done so.  I was afraid that things will suddenly worsen after being set free from the worst of the obsessive thoughts.  It feels or rather felt great being free after all of these years.  It doesn't however feel great today.  I have the fears that I had in the recent past.  I realize that though I no longer have the same thoughts, and that they don't come around, I realize that they could come any day now. That is what scares me.  I know that this should be in another blog, but today I had to find something to reflect on.  After all, this is about musings and reflections.
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