Saturday, April 11, 2015

It starts today

I remember just a few days ago, I realized that I wanted the body that I had when I was a teenager.  I was thin as I could be.  Losing weight no longer seemed to be a struggle.  I wasn't fat.  My clothes fit well and I was proud of myself.  I had to lose 30 pounds.  Nowadays I have over 100 pounds to lose.  I am not sure how many believe that PCOS has the symptoms of obesity as well as facial hair and insulin resistance.  I was diagnosed as having PCOS in 2008 and now it seems that I will always have to deal with it.  This is a period in which weight loss would be of great benefit to me.  I don't wish to weight 50-60 pounds for another period.  The period that I am referring to is that I remained a certain weight for a period of time only to gain more weight.  Right now I am in the 300 pound period.

I am currently on Weight Watchers and there are times when I feel like I am wasting my money.  Weight loss is quite hard.  I tend to overwhelm easily so diet and exercise has been hard for me.  Applying what I have learned is even harder.  I have to cut back, eat in moderation, and learn to say no.  Those are things that I often fail to do.  There is no starting tomorrow. It is now starting today and now.  It is also past time that I consume a breakfast daily and follow a plan.  I also hate the word diet. Diet implies limits and the word temporary.  Lifetime commitment scares me but it is better than limits.  I do wish to be healthy and it starts with me.  I choose to eat healthy.  I choose to make exercise anything but a chore.  Now I do wonder if losing weight is really 70-80% healthy eating and 20-30% exercise.
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