Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A hope called motivation

Today thankfully has not been a lazy day.  I have learned that during even the laziest days, there is hope. To me that hope is called motivation.  I realize that trying to be and stay motivated can be hard.  However it is not impossible.  Just going out there and do what I desire and even supposed to do, can be hard, if not scary.  As an OCD sufferer, that can be scary.  What is scary is the uncertainty.  I tell myself that it doesn't matter, but the truth, it does.  At least in this specific case, it does matter.  This time it isn't about the thoughts, but about weighing the pros and the cons.  The pros in this specific case outweigh the cons which is continued doubt and remaining in a cycle that I don't wish to continue.  I wish that I began to write about this earlier, but I cannot change the past.  I can only begin right now.  I cannot wait until tomorrow.  Today is the day, since tomorrow is not promised to anyone.
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