Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Schedule of Events During the Day

Here are a schedule of events that are subject to change during the day.  I believe that scheduling can be restricting but at the same time it does say a lot about a person.  Planning is about prioritizing.  Life skills are about what I do with that planning and how I manage my time.  It is simple as that.

Here is a schedule of events that I follow during the day:

Wake up                                                                        4:30-9:00 (depending on the day)
Meditation                                                                     First thing that I do during the day

Getting ready for the day                                             Planning what I will do for the day
Breakfast                                                                        5:30-9:00 (depending on the day)
Medication and Multivitamin                                       
Exercise                                                                          9:00-10:00 a
Music                                                                              9:00-10:00 a
Relax                                                                               Relaxation is a general term.
Lunch                                                                              11:00am -2:00 pm
Pray                                                                                 Time to focus
Read                                                                                Read one chapter
Exercise                                                                          Rest physically/ sleep
Eat a snack                                                                      Fruit, Granola Bar, etc 
Music                                                                               Preaching, music, etc.
Prayer                                                                             Contemplation and thanksgiving
Dinner                                                                              4:00-7:00 pm
Prayer                                                                              Pouring my heart to God and thanksgiving
Journals                                                                           5:00-9:00 pm
Snacks                                                                              6-8:00 pm
Read online                                                                     7:00 pm- midnight
Use the internet                                                               7:00 pm- midnight
Prayer                                                                              Prayer of Thanksgiving
Sleep                                                                                 11:00pm -midnight

This is just a general schedule of what my day would be like.  However, I wonder what my schedule really says about me.  Should I pray and read more?  Should I eat less or more?  Should I plan my day better?  These are questions that I should be asking myself whenever I have a said plan.  Sometimes I would like to do things differently.  There are other times when I am bored and there are times when I am much happier with my schedule.  Sometimes I feel as if I am being ruled by a plan of events.  It doesn't become about planning it become more about a routine or at least a routine that controls my day.  In that sense, prioritizing can become more important and it helps to improve my life skills such as cleaning up a house or studying.  Those things are something that I focus on daily.  I would rather make some changes to my day or just be content with what I have.

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