Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grocery Shopping

Learning to apply things is not easy.  I would like to know more about saving money on groceries.  I don't go shopping much, but when I do, I spend too much.    I would  like to spend less than a specific amount per month, but I end up spending much, much more.

I need to spend according to how many people live in the house. There are only 2 people that live in the house: my mother and me.  I have been living there all of my life and so does my mother.  She has told me about my spending habits.  I agree, but I have no idea how to spend money that wisely even with only two people.

I may have to do a meal plan.  That would be sufficient if they weren't so time-consuming.  It would also be a waste of time ironically.  I formulated a meal plan and I realize that I do eat the same foods but I eat the same food as my mother, some of the time.  That is the problem.  I like Mexican foods and Italian foods and she eats fewer processed foods and more vegetables than I do.

That is the problem.  How do I stop consuming so many processed foods and eat more fruits and vegetables per day?  How do I eat whole grains?  I would like to have the same thing that a person who is healthier consumes.  It would be great since I am trying to lose weight and stay and live healthier.  That is the goal that I wish to reach.  I would also like to save on healthier foods.  The question is: where do I begin?

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