Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Going natural

I have just pre-shampooed with oil, wash my hair with shampoo, and then I use leave-in conditioner.  i am not into buying too many or even one expensive product unless they are good quality.  I am talking about my hair routine because I have to admit that I haven't taken as much care of my hair as I do now.  I want my natural hair to be even and shiny.  I feel pretty good because my hair "feels" clean.  I started on my natural hair "journey" in August.  There are some advantages to having natural hair and being natural that I didn't have with relaxed hair.  I can take care of my hair easily compared to relaxed hair because of the expense of going through chemical burns, the limited use of products that I have, and the expense of having to buy a relaxer every few weeks so that my "naps" would be straightened..

I love having relaxed hair, but that is all in the past, now.  I love having natural hair.  I don't have to worry about chemicals, dyes, and bleaches, if I wish to have my hair bleached, which is a foolish thing to do.  I damaged my hair to the point where when I relaxed it, much of my hair fell out.  I became afraid to use relaxers.  I cannot say why I started on this journey other than that, but I have been watching videos online from other women who went natural and how they were taking care of their hair.  It peaked my interest even more.  It was during a brief transitioning stage from having relaxed hair to having natural hair.  To me, cutting off all of my relaxed hair was a signal of independence, which I sorely needed.  I wanted to do something for myself, so that is what I did.  It felt more liberating than anything.  This is decision that I have not regretted.

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