Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Frustration stems from a lack of patience

I have learned three things: I frustrate easily, I have trouble relaxing, and I can sleep easily.  Maybe I am just fatigued.  It all stemmed from a lack of patience on my part.  I have never really been patient.  Ironically, I have become more patient as time goes along.  Unfortunately, my lack of patience is causing frustration on a major level with my weight.  I am overweight, diabetic, and have PCOS.  My diet is poor, and my exercise regimen is nill.  The answer is to exercise and eat right.  However, why don't I do that?  Why don't I eat right and exercise?  I remember a time when I was more active, but that was a while ago.  I have excuses but not many good reasons.  I can move around, but I wouldn't know where to begin and that is a problem that I need to get over.  Things just don't come easily for me.  What am I afraid of?  Really.  What am I afraid of?
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