Friday, December 6, 2013

Never give up

There are seven things I know that i can do to motivate myself and to never give up.
1- respect my body
2- love myself
3- work to overcome binging
4- exercise
5- continue to affirm myself
6- meditation
7- learn to fight against the wiles of the enemy whatever they may be

I have to learn to do those things.  I have been binging for the past few days and I have been left frustrated and unhealthy.  I am not comfortable in my own skin.  I am just tired of being sick of being sick and tired.  I have grown that way for a while.  The solution is to bring all of my problems to the Lord and cast my cares upon Him.  I believe that the Lord will solve all problems and lift heavy burdens.  I tend to stress myself out too much and have a desire to give up.  I don't know why I tend to make the simple things hard.  This time, I am ready for a change.
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