Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Musings about Christmas

This version sung by the late Andy Williams reminds me of not only the "Ellen Degeneres Show" by also of my life right now.  I have been dealing with a lot this past year.  Without God, I would not have made it.  This is my favorite season of the year.  In no time, will Christmas be around the corner.  It seems like Christmas will be around the corner.  Life is so short.  It is a great time to celebrate.  I understand that there are people who have lost loved ones and friends, so it should not only be a time of celebration but of solemn rememberance. 

I don't listen to a lot of country music, but former American Idol Carrie Underwood is fantastic.  I tend to post videos on there to comment on them.  Oftentimes it is because I don't wish to skip a day and to catch up.  Other times it is because a song is quite important to me and I love to post videos online like I have doine here.  This is a great version of "Do You Hear What I Hear".  Jesus has arrived, has ressurected, is alive, and is coming back.  That is certainly enough reason for us to celebrate, especially those who are believers in Christ.

This version of "Mary Did You Know" by Clay Aiken is my favorite.  I do wonder what Mary was thinking when she gave birth to the Savior.  I have wondered if He was a rather easy child to raise because to say He would have been well-behaved would be an understatement.  I even wondered if Jesus even needed to be disciplined every once in a while.  I am sure that Jesus was raised by good parents and that God knew what He was doing when He chose Mary and Joseph to raise Him.  I wish I knew what happened during the 18 years from when His parents were looking for HIm to His ministry.  What did happen to the Lord over those years?  Does it really matter?  Maybe it doesn't, but it certainly doesn't hurt to wonder.
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