Thursday, September 19, 2013

Examples of thoughts

I have written some stories a few years ago that have mimicked my thoughts.  They were so exaggerated that I am anxious whenever I read them.  I wonder if these stories are about asking for reassurance.  Interesting I wrote that because I have learned to better manage the obsessive thoughts that I have.

Here are a few of these made up stories.  They are a mirror of my thoughts and reflect the worst-case scenario about infidelity.

-A woman and her husband do not get along. The husband also has affairs as well, but the wife is
a nymphomaniac. Upwards of 14 + affairs, including one of his friends, the postman, a truck
driver, and the owner of the grocery stores amongst many others.
-A man marries a rather immature woman. The couple has a solid marriage, most of the time.
What makes her so immature is that she cheats on her husband everytime she gets her way or
when gets angry with him. So far, she's had 23 other guys.
-A man murdered his wife and family when he discovers his wife slept with over 36 men and the
children are not his. They had 2 children together, or so it seems. He was an abusive man who
had a low sperm count and the wife wanted a baby, so she sleeps around on him. So he finds
out about the affairs and takes it out on the wife and the kids. He is caught and arrested. He
gets served with life in prison.
-Six of the couple's 7 children are not his. The wife and husband on the surface has a good
marriage, but the husband is a good man. The wife outside of the affairs is a very sweet,
charming and engaging woman who has had 33 affairs on him. She cares for her husband
deeply and loves him very much, but she is not always happy. She likes the attention of other
men and has a hard time saying no. The husband loves her too but they have problems just like
every other couple. The wife knows the children are not his and the husband suspects it. He
later finds out and the couple divorce which causes the wife to go into a depression.
-A man thought he had that his two kids was his, but because of his ex-wife's promiscuity, he
finds out that they weren't his. His wife had sex with 20 men that he is aware of. He is angry
because the court ruled in favor of her. She cheated on him because he is disabled and wasn't
there physically for his work because he had to work. So he pays alimony and his disability
check money to her and two kids that wasn't his. She has since living with a new man and is
planning to marry this new man.
-A man's wife screws everybody. Her husband is never home and she is lonely so she looks
elsewhere. She has slept in the neighborhood of 45 men, so it is literally not every
body. It just
seems that way. One version has him, her husband, finding out and divorcing her. Another
version has him taking the matter in his own hands by stabbing her to death. The guy gets 20 years.
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