Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spiritual aspects of mass media

I feel that I am okay and now I am feeling so much better.  Stress is something that I have grown too accustomed to.  I just need to stop "dealing with it" and just "do it".  I am really good at making things hard instead of actually doing what is easy.

For example, my entertainment choices may actually be controversial.  How I choose movies, books to read, shows to watch, and sometimes what to listen to does not edify God.  I go by what my thoughts say instead of what God says.

There is much ungodly content in mass media.  However, there is also much godly and wholesome content in mass media as well.  I wrote about it in detail yesterday with television.

Movies, music, and books should involve the same principle as well as television.  Also, I should not forget the internet.  I believe that  the internet has increased so much that I even forget about it.  Ironically, I am using the computer now.

Watching shows that are edifying God and listening to songs that are edifying shouldn't be viewed as safe content to me.  That implies avoidance.  What edification implies is that God isn't my co-pilot.  He is the One who leads.  I surrender to Him.  I am not an equal partner.  He saved me.  He died for me and He rose from the dead.  I thank Him very, very much for that.

Pro-activity is something that all of us should take great pride in.  I am musing about this because of mass media being a trigger to obsessive thoughts.  I don't like what I see on TV, nor do I like what I see in the world.  Also, it seems that the world is going crazier by the day.  I look forward to the return of Jesus Christ.  That is why I am getting ready.

We all need to prepare ourselves for Jesus' very soon return.  At least I believe that Jesus will return very soon.  I don't know when He will return, but I do know that there are signs all around us that say so.  I would also be foolish to say that He is delaying His return.  

Mass media influences all of us.  No one is immune.  However, we live in a world where no one is immune to the Lord and His power.  This means no one is also immune to being judged by God one day.  We all have to give an account of how we all have lived our lives, including what we allow to influence us.  I am not saying that we will end up in Heaven if we only watch Christian oriented television.  Nor am I saying that because we are watching or reading sexually charged content that we will automatically end up  in Hell.  What I am saying that that only those who are pure in heart, who have guarded their hearts, and who are redeemed people who have endured shall see God and will end up in Heaven.  We are to acknowledge God and edify Him in all that we do, including what seems mundane and petty like mass media.
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