Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Asking God vs Questioning God

I wonder if it is okay to question God.  Is there a difference between asking God a question and questioning God?  I would think so.  I think it is okay to ask God a question or two.  However, to question God would be the same thing as insulting the Lord and His authority.  Christians are saved by faith, so I don't understand why a believer or even a non-believer would even question God's authority.  To me, it makes no sense.  But I think it is different to ask God questions since He is not a flawed human being with limited understanding.  He isn't a President or a Prime Minister who is a sinner whose authority can be questioned.  God is eternal and the God of the World of free will.  I believe in the free will of choosing the narrow road vs the broad road.  I also believe in the free will of trying to understand something when we are stuck no wonder how petty, silly, or mundane.  I wondered what if Jesus was born in December in a manger at that specific time.  When if Jesus was born anywhere else or at any other time?  I wonder what were to happen if Jesus was born earlier or was born later.  Would it matter?  I personally believe that Jesus will be the same for He never changes regardless of time or place.  I don't think it would matter.  What if Jesus was condemned to be stoned elsewhere as a punishment for our sins instead of crucifixion?  I wondered these things as I am typing this.  I ask this because I am listening to a radio show on salvation and the hosts were talking about the thief on the right of Him and these questions came to mind.  It seems silly because I thought asking Him a question would be the same thing as questioning Him and His authority.  However, God is the same no matter the time or place.  Jesus was a part of creation since the very beginning since all things were created through Him.  He and the Father are One.  No matter how He was punished or when He was born and became God Incarnate, we all have to learn that we as humans live and have to wait on God's time and not ours.
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