Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I have written about many things, but one thing that I would like to talk about is about cars.  I know little about....okay, I know next to nothing about cars.  However, I would like to learn.  I sometimes go on websites about cars, but I procrastinate reading about them.  What I would like is a red, four door Chevy Impala.  It is such a beautiful car and such a smooth ride.

I wish I knew how to fix a car.  I don't understand the mechanisms of what goes into a car except that every engine needs oil and a full tank of gas.  Engines have to be smooth and have to run efficiently.  Then there is the speed and velocity of cars and the piston and other parts of the engine.

I also wish I was the type who could work with her hands, but I am not.  Cars are a very interesting topic because I cannot take being bored and writing and reflecting on the same things over and over again.  I do wonder about cars and what are the metaphors of life concerning cars.  What can I reflect in my life when it comes to cars?  Will I be able to reflect when I am driving or riding as a passenger?

Will I ever be the driver of my life or will I always be a passenger?  These are questions that I could ask myself.  I have a lot of learning and application to what I have learned.  I know little about cars, but I know enough about life.  That is a blessing in itself.
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