Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reflections on hair color on darker skin tones.


 I have been guilty of dyeing my hair constantly for decades and over the years, it has been various shades of brown, black, red, and even blonde.  Needless to say, because my natural hair is jet black, trying to be a blonde in one step will be impossible unless I would go to a stylist.  I now wonder what hair color I should use for my hair now that I have grays.  I guess I could leave it alone.  I realize that if I knew what I was doing, I would have an idea about how I would look as a blonde.  It never turns out, no matter how much I want to make a change.  I like the above pics, but I wonder if with the help of a colorist, how any of these hair colors and maybe even respective styles would look on me.  I am now natural and my hair is also thick.  That is also something that I would consider as well as my skin tone and eye color, which is dark brown.  I would have to bleach my hair first, then have my hair styled and colored to get the same effect.  I feel like maybe a change is needed.
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