Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Should History be taught in US Schools? (excerpt from Oral Presentation)

The topic of my presentation is "How Should History be Taught in U.S. Schools”? The
National History Standards was ironically funded partly by one the people who opposed
changes to Amendments that were made. That very person is Lynne Cheney, the wife of our
Vice President. The debate was a heated debate at that. The opposition ran along political
lines. While both sides agreed that history education should be more inclusive, it is how
those inclusions should be taught is what they differ. Those who favor the liberal view favor
a more politically correct view while those who favor a more conservative view favor a more
itraditional view of how history should be taught. What is interesting to note that alongside
the political views, the real reason behind the controversy is diversity. With a more diverse
population, how will schools catch up with ever-changing diversity of our nation? What
should also be noted are the alternative ways of teaching history and who are the influences
of how history is being viewed before our very eyes and how it has been taught to our
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