Sunday, January 22, 2017

Black and dark-skinned representation of different cartoon characters

 Cocoa Puff Girls

I find dark-skinned and black representations of different cartoon and created anime and other cartoons interesting.  They are realistic and they are not offensive in any way.  I loved watching anime shows and I hopefully go back to watching them.  I have often wondered why Japanese anime characters tended to pass for more European characters.  From what I gather, most if not nearly all of the main characters are based on representations of Japanese people who were creations of Japanese animators.  While most are light as the Japanese are on average a lighter skinned people, there are darker skinned anime (and other) characters such as Miyuki Ayukawa:

 Afro Samurai

and of course, the righteous American brothers, Huey and Riley Freeman, of the "Boondocks":

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