Thursday, January 19, 2017

I am not ashamed.

There are times and days where I don't pray.  I don't want to pray only when I need something.  I have been guilty of not understanding of the fact that praise and worship are just as important as petition.  I tend to worry about a lot of things.  That is because I get overwhelmed.  I realize that my problems are just that: problems.  It seemed silly what I have just written in the last sentenced.  I want to live for Jesus.  I have not always because I have been disrespectful, but God saved me.  He loves me and He forgives.  He has forgiven me.  I have learned not to complain and not to worry.  I would like to continue to be a witness for the Lord, for we are not to be ashamed.  I don't wish to be a believer, who is a so-called "believer".  I was depressed and lukewarm.  Jesus Christ changed me and my perspective on things and about life in general.  I am obey Him and serve Him.  Thus, I am also to be faithful to Him.  This is basically a testimony that I have given.  God has saved me, and I am not ashamed.
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