Monday, January 16, 2017

I more relaxed and my own view of sports and football

I am becoming someone who has a better outlook on things.  I am okay today.  However, things haven't been perfect as I have a long way to overcome being so lazy.  I need to change that.  Maybe lazy is too strong a word.  I am more relaxed today for a lack of a better word.  It certainly doesn't hurt that the Packers beat the Cowboys of all teams, at least this year.  I am not their biggest fan, but my prediction about them, the underdogs, winning was right.  I am not glad that the Cowboys lost as I am not a big fan of the "worship" of sports teams and their whole "entourage" including the athletes and coaches down to the owners.  Sure some coaches and players are more legendary than others, but I guess one will find more talented in every line of work.  I like watching sports and seeing others play sports play live or on tv, but to burn a jersey of an athlete or hate on an entire team is so dumb. They should spend more time reading or with their families.  Use their time wisely.  Do anything, but something as unproductive as burning jerseys.  That is just too much fandom even for me.
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