Thursday, January 5, 2017

My opinion about black women and size.

Whether one is identified as plus sized, overweight, large, overweight, or fat, why are black women who fit those labels defined as loud, not attractive enough, or crass?  I have noticed memes, online comments, videos, and even commercials and movies which show those various stereotypes.  This is a sad state of affairs where it seems to be in an age where yes, being larger can carry some health risks, but that is all some people see.  If we were to be inclusive and diverse, how come is it that women of color, who are larger, are not always included or respected, but derided.  I myself can relate to those pictures, because the women look more like me than many models, singers, dancers, and actresses.  It saddens me that large people, especially black women, are defined as unattractive and not put together.  I can relate because I as a large black woman, am not loud, crass, or any of the negative or demeaning stereotypes often associated with larger black women.  The women above are quite attractive, and they may even nice people, but I personally don't know a larger black woman who is not seen as unattractive, loud, or crass in reality, so why do they show this stereotype in movies and on television?  I just don't get it.
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