Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sobering dream

Today was a good day.  I guess it was because I spent a good portion of it taking a nap.  There are times I like to take a nap.  Today was one of those days.  On the weekend while watching tv, I would begin to take a nap.  This weekend was different however.  I had an interesting dream about two women.  One of the women was a bride dressed and on her way to The New Jerusalem and the other was a plain clothes woman on her way to take part in the New Jerusalem.  I find this dream rather sobering.  All of us and I mean ALL, will end up having one of these two destinations.  I look forward to the return of Jesus Christ, but I cannot anticipate that if I am not a true believer in Christ living in obedience.  One who is has a bright future ahead of him or her.  Prayer, the Word, and service are the air that believers breathe and need in this evil world.  This world seems to possess more and more evil daily and all things are getting worse.  Maybe the moral to this story is that Jesus will return soon and that this is not just a dream.  The dream is based on truth and that is quite sobering.
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