Monday, November 24, 2014

The world of insanity, yet I am normal

I'm not crazy its the rest of the world that's insane.  There are times when I feel like that.  I wonder if that is how it will be once the verdict in Ferguson is read.  What will happen?  Will it go mad?  Will life ever return to normal?  In the grand scheme of things, life goes on and there may be another Ferguson.  Scary, isn't it?

Right now, I am finally watching one thing while watching the grand jury verdict.  The thing is IMO, the verdict could go either way.  Who knows?  To say that I don't care would be harsh.  I do care.  I do feel.  Right now, I am just in my own little zone.  But man, Sly Stallone was fine in Rocky IV.

Sorry I had to interject, but being bipolar sometimes I wonder if I am really normal.  Moods change all of the time, but I do wonder that mine can change from one mood to the next and one personality to the next.  I sometimes feel happy one minute, sad the next minute, and also feel nothing for a while.  Man, Sly Stallone was fine driving, reflecting on his life as Rocky Balboa.

Sometimes it is good to live in an insane world.  It is me that is normal.  I guess that is what is means to live in a crazy world.

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