Monday, November 17, 2014

Eternal v Temporal

Yesterday's post was a great message about the difference between what is eternal versus what is temporary.  Revelation says that God will wipe every tear, meaning that there will be no more pain. That is something all believers, or rather, all should look for.  Sadly, the road is narrow which means that most people will not only be unbelievers, but will not truly live for and serve the Lord.  Many will have itching ears and be in denial true godliness.  There is a difference between being religious and being righteous.  That is something I realize that we all need to learn from.  With God there are no accidents.  He knows exactly what He is doing.  He isn't a God of hatred, strife, hypocrisy, or dishonest.  In fact He will punish the wicked, including those who are hateful, filled with strife, dishonest, and/or hypocrites.  That is a fact of life we all have to learn and that is not easy for those who take part in those sins.  Think and live for eternity in Heaven, for the world as we know it will pass away.
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