Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yes, God is real.

Yes, there is a God and He is real.  I wrote a prayer about one of my major thoughts and that is lying. I have told lies and all colors of lies is wrong.  I am hypocritical and self righteous, but I believe that God forgives all sin, including those who don't believe or doubt.  Having doubt is something that keeps one from having answered prayer for those who have doubts are "unstable in all of their ways". I am one who did not expect for their prayers to be answered.  I have created this video thinking that I could reach those who are atheists or agnostics, but if one is called, that very one is to live holy.  I admit that I have not always acted holy.  I have been hypocritical and I am sorry.  Like those who don't believe, I will be judged for how I have lived and who I am in terms of being a believer or an unbeliever who has not repented.  I believe that the Great Commission is about people who are to test themselves to see if we are truly of the faith telling others and preaching the gospel to all of the world.  I have failed.  I have struggled with sins for most of my life, even in my walk with God.  I am sorry for my hypocrisy and my self-righteousness. How can I create videos when I have my own issues?  I have not always been repentant.  I cannot claim to be a true Christian and reach out to those who don't believe or have doubts.  I cannot pass out tracts or proclaim the gospel if I have issues or if I have not truly repented of my sins. Also I cannot claim to be a true Christian if I don't bear the fruits that Christians are supposed to possess.  I now wish I had written this earlier.  I have no excuse.  None of us will have an excuse come Judgment Day whether or not it is the Judgment Seat or the Great White Throne.  All who are unrepentant will enter the Great White Throne of Judgment, and that will include those in the church who have not been holy, obedient, or repented or who are truly saved, or atheists or thieves or rapists or murderers.  Yes, God is real.  
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