Sunday, October 4, 2015

Perfect day

What would be the perfect day?  To me a perfect day is a day where all of my goals were met.  My goals are to lose 5-10 pounds a month through actually following a healthy meal plan where I am actually eating the healthy food that I have actually purchased and to exercise daily, even if I were to exercise for at least 5 minutes.  Another perfect day would be a prayerful day.  God is my Father and my Judge.  He is not my co-pilot.  He is my pilot.  I am to obey, serve, fear, and revere Him.  Reading the Bible should not be a chore. I am to read His word so that I can follow and obey His Word daily. I would be a person whose goal of not being so neglectful of the needs of others and of where I am would be met.  In other words, a perfect day is a day where I would learn to be more appreciative, more grateful, and more loving.  I would be more honest and I wouldn't complain as much.  I could also take better care of myself and my house.  I could also take pride in myself and all that is about me.  I would actually take some action over time and not quit when I get bored or when things get bad.  I would be patient and more loyal. When someone else, human, dog, or cat is in need, I would not hesitate to help them.  I would do more than just follow Jesus as an example, which is true, I would live the way Jesus says I should live.  No matter what comes my way, I won't stop fighting but to assert myself because this is a winnable fight.  That would be my definition of a perfect day.
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